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Clubs and Associations

  1. Canadian Roller Club

  2. Brampton & Peel co. Poultry, Pigeon & Pet stock Association

  3. Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association Inc.

  4. Huronia Fur & Feather Breeders Association

  5. Classic Old Frill Club

  6. Canadian Helmut Club

  7. Canadian Kormorner Tumbler Club

When ordering Squab from a menu, always ask, “Is this Richview Farm squab?”.


Established in 1988, Richview Farm is a family run business operated by Richard Stroszka and sons.  Richard’s interest in birds began when he was eight years old with a lost pigeon. The knowledge he has accumulated over the years since that first pet is the foundation of the farm.

Once a week delivery of fresh or frozen product.

  1. Size categories are divided by 2 ounces

  2. Example- 14-16 oz. most popular size. 16-18 and 18-20

  3. Squab are eviscerated with head and feet left on

About Richview Farm

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